Crazy Bitch

Hannah. 17. Florida.
Lax is Life -- Country Girl

You finally deleted that last picture tying us together. What made ya do it? Your wcw? I mean I doubt you missed it before. Whatever

Ya know, maybe you will realize what you’ve done. Then again you probably won’t. I don’t know. One could only hope that you realize. And at this point, yes I’m still hurt, its for your safety. Please don’t make stupid mistakes. I don’t know where I stand with you. By the looks of it, you hate me. But through that I.hope you still care a little. Because even.though you heart into pieces, I care about you and your life.
And if for some odd reason you do realize, and you do talk to me or say something. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be okay. I do love you. But is that enough at this point?

Yes I want to be with you, forever honestly. But if I have to worry that something like this will happen again. That when I get to be too much sometimes, you’ll just walk away and come back when you’re ready? No. You have to be here all the time no matter what. I’m sorry but if I’m in a relationship, it’s not going to be half ass. And you know what, before I would take you back in a heart beat, now part of me probably will but then.again I don’t think I would. It would take some time.

I’m so conflicted about summer. I want to go to Michigan that way I can go to Ohio. Meet new ppl. However I would have to come home mid July and then I could go back up. I don’t want to go because I’d have to help work on the house and I don’t want to. I want fun. And I want to stay home ans have a girl’s night with movies and booze. I wish someone would go up with me in August for festival. I want to have fun. Meet new people. Go out. Ugh whyyyy

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Should I get my belly button pierced??

It’s not going to last. She’s a slut and is pretending.
I don’t have to pretend. I was enough for you before, and I was real. A lot was going on and hopefully when not a lot is, you’ll realize what we are to each other. How we are the same and we need each other

Ugh just realize what you are doing. You don’t even have to say sorry. Just come back

I know you are talking to her. For one, she’s a whore. She’s super awkward around people so I can’t wait for her to meet your family. Your family won’t like her, I know BB won’t. That’s so gratifying, you have no idea. Your family loves me, regardless.
I ain’t no beauty but she’s ugly inside and out. She looks like a bird. She’s too lanky and her butt is shaped weird. But that doesn’t even matter, it’s her personality.
She’s a whore. If you want a fling or sex, go ahead. She’s perfect for that. And if she doesn’t like what she sees she’ll drop you so fast. And if you don’t put out, she’ll drop you even faster. Good luck with that bud.

Oh and you may date the other one, but that won’t last. You guys are too different.

Lmao both of you are dicks.

Please tell me why you open all my snapchats.
Also I didn’t mean to favorite your tweet and I unfavorited it quickly. Then you tweet right after? Mhmm I think you care that I’m lookin at your stuff.
Then Wednesday you favorite stuff about missing someone. And another thing about regretting something. Mhmmmm. Makes ya wonder.
If you still have feelings, you better speak up stupid boy.